I’m iffy—at best—when it comes to choking and the whole glory hole fantasy is something I fail to understand (but to each her/his/their own).

All that is fine—what bothers me is removed as this image is any context, all that can be said is that it depicts reasonably rough sex; reasonably rough sex which the viewer must assumes is consensual based upon the mise-en-scene, gestures and expressions. In other words: non-verbal cues.

This is hugely fucking problematic. Consent CANNOT be assumed; it must be verbal, explicit.

But there’s also the fact that as much as the ambiguity surrounding consent in this image makes me uncomfortable; it also really turns me on.

As previously noted, I have a great deal of trouble navigating the boundaries. For example: if someone can touch me without causing me to completely freak the fuck out, then there’s a part of me that sees my body as belonging to her just as much as it does me.

It makes me sound irrevocably fucked in the head but if someone can hug me then if they wanted they could touch me like this too, or circle their hands round my neck as they push my face hard against a wall and who knows what else.

I trust wholly or not at all.

[If anyone happens to know, I am very interested in discovering the identity of whomever made this image.]

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