Henrique Soares – Socks Addict (????)

Call me Scatterbrain Jane.

i’m in day five of exile to the Midwest for family vacation and I am thoroughly out of sorts.

I can’t leave NYC for long before I start to miss it fiercely. Fullblown homesickness kicked in last night.

This is almost certainly not an MTA escalator. Still the tableau is strikingly familiar.

The second reason is probably impossible to explain: I find this image painfully arousing.

Yes, it’s soemwhat the dress–hypocritical considering I prefer dresses only as long as I am not required to wear them.

It’s not a thigh-high fixation either; they are super cute and all but I am usually too mesmerized by their texture to notice fuck all else. Also: yes, texture is a turn on.

No, what gets me is where the fabric ends + skin begins, where all thought winnows to a singular wanting

The semi-circular hint of skin between hem + waist, an arm peaking out beneath a sleeve, the way a pendant separates neckline from shoulder’s slope–edges are the thing.

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