[↑] Peter Kaaden – for C-Heads (2013)
[→] Unknown – Edit of Billy Kidd’s Cora Keegan (2011)
[↓] Lina Scheynius – Bandeau by Yves Saint Laurent (2010)

As far as curation-and/or-criticism-as-art, I am in the same boat as Thora Birch in Ghost World’s art class scenes.

The juxtaposition of the these three found images is an exception that proves the rule.

It’s one thing to re-purpose objects, materials and imagery. It is another entirely to effectively ground them in a new, full-functioning context.

Yes, there is a similarity in style and gaze informing the three independent of each other. And yes, they do sit side-by-side like well-behaved children at the dinner table.

What makes them work together is the Photoshop intervention–the addition of the dangling tampon string which does not feature in the original image.

Simple but startlingly affecting.

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