Vlad Kenner [aka VK Photography] – Lady Sensuality (2014)

I don’t feel connected enough to the Tumblr model community to offer pronouncements on it. But based on the relentless quality of work from Cam Damage, Jacs Fishburne, Katlyn Lacoste and Johanna Stickland, it seems to this total outsider that nude modeling demands not only dedication and hustle but impeccable curatorial acumen when it comes to identity/brand/persona.

I’m pretty sure I had seen things Lady Sensuality had done prior to this .gif hitting my dash. Even now, her smile transforms me into a great big old pile of bashful turtles.

But what really grabs me by the throat is her work. She’s direct and unapologetic about her body/sexuality. At the same time, there’s a sense her work necessarily exists outside any predetermined personal comfort zone.

Lady Sensuality’s work isn’t that much more objectively explicit than say: Rayne Tupelo’s (who I adored and dearly, dearly wish was still making work). She embodies an edgy transgressing of ‘socially appropriate’ boundaries. To me, looking at her work feels liberating.

In fact, I am so thoroughly impressed that as much as I am terrified by the prospect of interacting with–let along photographing–strangers, I would do just about anything for the opportunity to collaborate with her on something in the very near future.

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