Chih-Han HsuIMG_4363 (2009)

I know it the young woman in the fuchsia dress is almost certainly wearing some adorable undies beneath her dress and her genitals are not especially near her friends mouth.

Regardless, I would do almost anything to switch places with the young woman in the white dress.

From the standpoint of image integrity, I am not at all fond of the way her legs are cut off by the bottom frame edge. And despite the the careful balancing the inside of retaining wall with the vertical sidewalk seam, there is no reason whatsoever for #skinnyframebullshit.

The reason this image works are the supremely digable little detail flourishes: dark nail polish against the greywhite concrete, the ring on the girl in the fuchsia dress’ left middle finger that draws attention to her left knees delectable skin tone and how she is kneeling on the other woman’s hair.

I am not sure the funereal hands crossed over her chest is the most convincing pose. Her hands could be any number of places, doing any number of things depending on the degree of comfortability of the two models with each other.

But really the image works mainly because of the ambiguously coy Mona Lisa smile which could just as easily be read as look at this transgressive thing I am allowing myself to be seen doing or this is the first time I’ve let another girl taste me and it feels so much better than I had ever imagined it could.

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