vk-photographyFreshie Juice (2014)

The use of color in this is masterful. The avocado side-wall juxtaposed with the clementine skin back wall! The way the mulberry of the drapes and burgundy stain of the bed seem as if they are different phases of the same continuous spectrum. (This allows coaxes a flattering accent from the otherwise ugly brown heating fixture.)

Then there is the skin tone. Seriously, I encourage you to stop reading now and enlarge this. (See: how the mattress is pushed slightly to the side to reveal particle board that is sort of a control tone distinct from the skin tone range that actually causes the skin tone to pop even more–that’s some Mike Portnoy level show boating, right there.)

Other little details are just too exquisite to pass over unnoticed: the precision with which the drape pull is aligned with the left vertical frame edge. The corner and the light fixture above the bed are skewed slightly but even once you notice it, it’s hard to actually see it. I also adore that there’s a cord plugged into the socket directly underneath and behind Ms. Juice that then stretches back toward the camera.

Really, all the above would play like a super technical jerk off session, if it were for Freshie’s perhaps slightly stoned, vaguely judging expression taken together with the provocative coyness of her pose is fatherfucking perfect.

This is one of those rare images that I am going to beat myself up for the next year for not having been one of the geniuses involved in making it.

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