Jakub KarwowskiUntitled from Private Maps series (2010)

It’s not obvious–at least it wasn’t to me, initially–that this is a diptych. In fact, my first thought was fuck me! what camera has that wide of an aspect ratio and how much does it cost?

Despite the A.) discrepancy in scale between left and right frame, B.) same chair in both frames and C.) the fact that the angle of the light is reversed between frames, the reason I see this as a single, extended frame is for the simple facts that 1.) light falls rapidly towards darkness as one moves away from the source and 2.) the angle of light is virtually identical between the frames.

Even looking at it now, except for the repeated chair I’m not entirely sure but what the presumably male figure in the left frame is merely standing nearer to the camera and the what is probably the same male figure–but who due to scale appears perhaps ambiguously female–in the right frame is standing at a greater remove.

It’s a damn clever trick and among an otherwise cluttered and lifeless body of work, it absolutely stands out.

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