Source unknown – Title unknown (20XX)

Given that this looks as if it perpetuates the extraordinarily problematic trope in hentai where consent is gained through sexual coercion, I am probably guilty of bad faith by posting it.

But… :::avoiding eye contact::: I’m not sure how but independent of context this depicts not only something uncomfortably close to what I experience both physically and emotionally when someone brings me to orgasm, it also conveys what I feel when I bring my partner to orgasm.

The fact that they are both women that present varying degrees of femme-ness is crucial. As is the fact that the third woman down the alley has been alerted to their actions. I think I probably could explain why the third party contributes to the concreteness of this feeling, but I’m not sure if perhaps that’s maybe too personal for this venue. (Those of you who’ve been following for a while can probably venture some prescient guesses though…)

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