Source unknown – Title Unknown (20XX)

Most folks would instinctively term this ‘porn’.

Given the content and the manner in which depth of field is deployed to focus on her genitalia while blurring her face, it’s hard to argue that the purpose of this image isn’t primarily as a masturbatory aide.

To my reading, there’s more to it. Yes, the framing is problematic as it amputates limbs–not to mention offering a textbook example of #skinnyframebullshit; but the sense of immediate intimacy it presents is unusual.

I’m really super aroused by it; also overwhelmingly concerned about it’s genesis given the rare vulnerability it depicts and this the era of leaking nudes and revenge porn, I worry whether this individual has consented to these images being published. (Google Image search and TinEye both return zero results–doing nothing to alleviate my concern.)

And my worries aren’t necessarily tamped down as a result of noticing the texture of the couch and the pillow seem anachronistic enough to suggest the sort of set dressing favored by authors of Internet smut–if that’s the case I’d have to retreat momentarily to amend my knee-jerk finger wagging w/r/t the depth of field to a vociferous objection.

Ultimately, the reason I’m posting this is although it’s hardly a good image as is, its various elements are valuable and I’m convinced that benefiting from more logical composition, increased depth of field and a more nuanced approach to lighting design it could be mistaken for fine art.

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