fpr1Untitled Submission to NN (2015)

A simple, straight forward and pretty image.

I deploy ‘pretty’ with intention–there is something about the pose that suggests androgyny. to me. Yeah, yeah–I know body hair–but I’m increasingly discovering that I really dig the anarchist femme folk with the short shorts and unshaven legs trend. It radiates a zero fucks given mentality that’s super attractive.

Yet, let’s not heap idle praise–there’s some interesting stuff going on ‘under the hood’ so to speak. The lower frame edge hints at the drop off at the bed’s edge. I’m betting the image was originally supposed to only feature the bed. This would’ve worked compositionally since the subject is essentially isolated in the top two-thirds of the frame. The inclusion of the bed’s edge actually unifies the darker ranges of the composition, drawing the eye inward from the outer edges of the frame to the body and further emphasizing the oblique position of the light source.

The impetus behind this image recalls this libidinous offering from the ceaselessly-astonishing-in-her-explicit-evocation-of-female-sexuality Rita Lino. However, in this case, although Lino’s image is bluntly absent with regards to equivocation and as thrilling as that always is to encounter in lens based visual culture, I am convinced the above is ultimately the more enduring record of wrestling with notions laying along a parallel conceptual track.

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