Ayaka YamamotoEvita Goze from Portraits of Girls in Latvia and Estonia series (2013)

Earlier this week I reblogged a quote from Reverend Bobby Anger:

There is more than finding the right light to shoot it. You must find
the people with the right light in them.

I couldn’t agree more with the sentiment. In fact, although I realize it’s meant as  a poetic metaphor–likely riffing off the line that may or may not really be Hemingway and is at least half Leonard Cohen:

We are all broken—that’s how the light gets in.

But as someone who on occasion experiences people with a glow about them–and I say experience because it’s typically something you feel for a time before you actually see anything and the seeing is rarely more than like the last question on those how many colors can you distinguish tests where you can’t actually see the difference so much as one of the samples feels slightly different.

Photographer and Model Evita Goze is an example of someone who possesses a similar quality. Only to call it light perhaps mischaracterizes it–it’s the thread stitching both her personal photographic work and her modeling together, a stillness both resigned and expectant.

I’m not sure how else to explain it other than to refer to Plotinus. Now forgive me if I don’t get this 100% correct–it’s been more than a decade since I studied this–but as I remember Plotinus’ trip was he had this absolutely earth-shattering transcendent experience. Post-experience, he was distraught and depressed… I mean after mystical union with The One, day-to-day exigencies here in the desert of the real positively pale in comparison.

It wasn’t a singular experience. He reconnected with it several more times and his notion with regard to the meaning of life took shape accordingly. He maintained that the purpose of human life is to wait expectantly for those moments of self-transcendence so that we are prepared to receive them when they present themselves.

There is absolutely something of that waiting in-between-ness to Goze’s interactions with the world of concrete visual representation. She is definitely near the top of a very short list of people I would do just about anything to work with.

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