sculpting chaos

Long story short:

I’ll be traveling in Europe for most of September–specifically Germany, Holland and Iceland. Also, perhaps Copenhagen briefly, but if that happens it’s likely to be a last minute decision.

Why am I interrupting the steady stream of naked pics to convey this? Well, I’m in a bit of a bind and I’m hoping to crowdsource a solution.

I’ve been planning this trip for more than a year. In fact, I was supposed to go last year but after being unemployed for five months and just starting a new job, it seemed too great a gamble.

This time around I have approached a handful of models (on Tumblr/people I know AFK/Etc.) about the possibility of collaborating on a photo project during my time in Iceland. A few very nearly worked out, others were derailed by scheduling concerns, one due to the photographers pregnancy and others just because I’m an unseasoned newb when it comes to working with professional models–I’ve only ever worked with friends, really.)

Iceland, if you’ve never been, is goddamn effing incredible. Yes, the weather is completely insane but it’s the most beautiful place I’ve ever experienced. [Example 1] [Example 2]

Further, it’s very much the perfect location for my personal photographic preoccupation with the narrative potential of cinematographic nudes-in-the-landscape leitmotif.

Which is all to say: I’m looking for someone to collaborate with while in Iceland. (Although, if you are in Berlin and interested–then definitely feel free to get in touch.) Specifically: I’m looking for someone with an androgynous/tomboy tinged mien who ideally is a visual artist who also models. (I’m super serious about this project being a collaboration.)

As far as payment/expenses–due to two months of really shitty luck–I’m not in the position I had hoped to be. I’m hoping one of my followers knows someone within two degrees of separation on the continent who might be down. But for the right person, I’m reasonably sure we can work something out.

(To those who bothered, thanks for reading through all this. You’re the best!)

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