Russell PebordeZu (201X)

I’ve had this saved as a draft for several months because the model makes me feel like I need to stare at the ground and shyly kick at imaginary dirt with my boots.

But despite the fact that Peborde favors absolutely inexcusable #skinnyframebullshit (I mean come on guy, your landscape stuff is super on fleek) and the fact that he’s another boudoir photographer using the minimalist Tumblr theme to showcase a barrage of beautiful women in suggestive states of undress/poses, there is substance to his work.

I’m not really sure I can say it better than comparing it to something not unlike the way mrchill‘s work and its obsessive meditation on the interplay of color actually dignifies the work and belies the artists profound respect for those he photographs. There’s an undertone in Peborde’s work that he somehow manages to foster an environment wherein the people with whom he works seem to possess a bedrock comfortability and confidence in their own bodies. It comes off as almost magical, really.

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