Echoes of a dead end

A few housekeeping notes/updates:

The new, improved Tumblr makes you either keep the entire caption or toss it all when reblogging a post.

In general, it doesn’t bother me when people strip my commentary from things I post. I totally understand the majority of you are here for the pictures of naked people.

However, what I won’t abide is stripping of credits. If I went to the the time and trouble of sourcing something and you delete the attribution, I WILL BLOCK YR ASS. I’d say no hard feelings except that would be a lie. Don’t be a shit fer brains dick nose by disrespecting credits. (And I’m not a jerk. My occasional ‘Source unknown’ attribution can totally be deleted without consequence.)

In other news:

A photographer acquaintance helped me procure that panoramic camera I mentioned. And yes, it should be here just in the nick of time for me to drag it along on my trip.

Speaking of my trip… honestly, I am struggling with logistics a bit thus I figured I’d try to crowd source some assistance. I have had exactly zero luck finding local models.

As creepy as I find Model Mayhem–and I find it scalding shower repeatedly scrubbing with a bar of soap creepy–I tried to join. Uh, yeah… not so much. They keep telling me to confirm my account but I never receive the confirmation email. I’ve tried contacting a few folks who seemed promising by Googling them outside Model Mayhem… no response. (Is it creepy to do that? I have no idea… my neuroatypical side sees it as demonstrating resourcefulness and drive but several people have told me it seems stalker-y.) Anyway, if you know anyone or would be cool with signal boosting, I’d be grateful.

Lastly, I spend approximately 25 hours a week on this project and while I will absolutely keep doing it for free, a few folks have expressed interest in subsidizing my efforts. To that end, I’m starting a Patreon. It’ll probably be up and running in the next week or so. However, if between now and then you would like to contribute something to the cause, it would be greatly appreciated since I’m kind of really strapped for cash at present.

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