Akif Hakan CelebiRaven (2015)

Although I’m not head-over-heals for Celebi’s work as a whole, I am in love with his rigorously consistent use of scale.

Yes. He uses different focal length lenses but across them the relationship between the amount of space occupied by the subject vs. their environment remains virtually identical.

I recognize that as an insanely subjective claim–any scale that compliments what the photographer is trying to achieve is acceptable in the end. However, I think Celebi present an ideal balance between the subject as focal point of the composition while presenting a contextually comprehensive cross-section of their environment.

My feeling this way likely stems from my background in cinematography. Given that in almost every image, if the character we’re not posed towards the camera and maintaining eye contact this could be a still from a narrative film. (Although I’ll grant that not many films these days would utilize a shot this wide for anything more than an establishing shot.)

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