[19.07.14] Bedroom #05/ quatre48.com

Plume Heters-TannenbaumBedroom #05 (2014)

Normally, I try to space out posts from a single artist instead of packing them into a thick clot. I am making an exception for Quatre48 because I’ve been returning to this series with unusual frequency in the last three weeks.

I still maintain there’s a desperate need for more strenuous editing. Yet, these images trade in a palpable immediacy; and while you certainly can’t argue any sort of inconsistency in that theme across the entire series, what gets muddled in the presentation is their unusual perspective and carefully cultivated artfulness.

What I mean by the former is that the perspective of the images is definitively female. We have what I can only presume are self-portraits–so there’s the explicit photographer documenting her sexuality but even without knowing that there’s an implicit non-normative (w/r/t to stereotypical presentations in porn) gaze.

I can’t help but comparing the aesthetic to Aeric Meredith-Goujon, only these manage to intrigue and fascinate while Goujon–honestly–creeps me the fuck out.

Anyway, the point I’m getting at is that I can’t decide if this is an exception that proves a rule or if perhaps it is possible to produce something intended to be porn that is also simultaneously art–because this accomplishes exactly that.

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