Evie CahirUntitled (2013)

I’ve been following Cahir for around two years now. She’s extremely talented; her doodles and cast offs are at times nearly photo-realistic.

Recently she’s been working on a comic called A Single Tear. The overall aesthetic seems like harsh pencil drawings from snapshot reference material with a certain Munch-esque whimsy for visual abstraction/oddity.

What’s noteworthy beyond the excellent craft, is her drawings work so damn well in part because of her frames. Her compositions are legible, dynamic and cinematic in the extreme.

I’m particularly taken with her depictions of the Berlin neighborhood of Neukölln–because she nails the interplay between the ethereal late day light and the electric feeling of this city’s (I’m writing this in an bar several blocks from Hermannplatz) chaotic fuss and bustle.

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