Source unknown – Title unknown (XXXX)

The feels this image instigates are hell of conflicting.

Technically, it’s rubbish (#skinnyframebullshit-ery, bizzare vignette-ish blurring and the fact that the image maker assumes a shared cis-male heteronormativity from his audience–suggested by not only the depilated vulva but the fact that the camera’s perspective is slightly elevated and looking down on this young woman.)

Further, I do not enjoy anal play–although I admittedly dabble with it on roughly the same schedule as blue moons occur.

Two things about it appeal to me: First, I appreciate how the intensity of her experience undermines the hegemony of the male gaze; in other words, it’s very difficult to read the dildo here as even an implicit ersatz cock; instead, this is very much a document of–what in my limited experience–appears to be an entirely unfeigned response to physical stimulus. Second, this reminds me of the first time I apprehensively explored my self in a similar fashion.

EDIT: an awesome follower steered me in the direction of what is at least a better quality (if not the original) version of this image.

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