David G. Donnelly (aka oberonfoto)  – Fiona – Nipples Clamped (2010)

Vladamir Nabokov famously experienced what’s called grapheme-color synesthesia.

And every time I listen to a record with great production and some THC in my system, I start to believe that I experience sound as shape. But it turns out anyone who gives a fuck about music and enjoys pot seems to have a similar experience.

I do occasionally have this odd experience of the sight of a particular texture making me think that I can feel it. B&W images of twill patterns exposed just-so they seem to have a 3D pop to them always do it. Looking at them it’s as if I’m actually stroking the fabric with my fingertips.

It can be more subtle. But it can also be much, much more intense.

Take this image:


I can’t explain what it is about it but looking at it feels like my facial muscles are similarly contracted and I can almost taste it. But, strangely, I simultaneously feel lips pressing against me and the ever so slight suction. It makes me feel all weird and adlepated in my tummy.

But, with the top picture I can actually explain why it is that looking at it makes me feel like my nipples are clamped. It’s all in the color–the inflamed red against the peach-pink of the areola.

So I’m posting it for that. But it also reminds me of this post guest curated by my best friend. I get the feeling she’d really dig this image.

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