Hey TPS! I don’t often post pictures of my flower because it attracts the kind of creepy sexual attention that I don’t want. I really loved the movement in this photo. I think women are sexualized so quickly especially when it comes to showing breasts and flowers. So today I’m celebrating how pretty my flower is without feeling sexualized. Kisses! Willow

I completely agree with you, thewillowrae, I’m glad you shared and hope that everyone will see your body simply as the beautiful work of art that it is

This image is just effing awesome.

It’s absolutely not #skinnyframebullshit–the viewers eye is intended to move from bottom to top. The angles of the stitching on the duvet emphasize this motion as well as drawing attention to the way the light intersects (from right to left) that trajectory at a complimentary angle.

Further, I am always lambasting compositions that cut off the subjects head since there are literally thousands of ways to present an undecapitated body while maintaining anonymity; this is one of the most creative and just damn ingenious as fuck I’ve seen in ages.

Also, love the nailpolish juxtaposed against the light and shadows on the skin.

Excellent work.

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