Hermann Försterling – [↑] Torso gebunden 2 (2007); [+} Nicki hinten (2007); [] Knie (2007)

I’m not sure these are necessarily good–Torso gebunden 2 is trying to round up a golden spiral. The others are thinly veiled attempts use the study of form as a strategy to sublimate an erotic fixation.

I’m not saying they are bad, either. More that they are interesting but I’m not entirely sure they work.

If these look a little different than your usual B&W images, then congratulations on your sharp eye. These are actually heliogravures AKA photogravures.

I’m not super adept with this process. As I recall you transfer the image from the emulsion onto a sheet of copper and then etch the copper, so the copper can be used to create prints. (This photo of Victor Hugo from Wikipedia is more or less what I’m accustomed to thinking of when I think of heliogravures.)

I do really like the texture in these. The water on the skin and the way the skin stretches and folds in on itself. And the consideration to render heliogravures was likely driven by a smallish negative or digital processes. However, given a 120 or 4×5 neg, I think a platinum print would’ve provided a more consistent tonal range that would’ve increased contrast and sharpened the resulting print.

Hell, if the originals were negs, gimme them along with some amidol, Bergger Prestige Variable CM Baryta paper in semi-matte finish, a bit of selenium toner, a bit of gold toner and a week of dark room time and I can make split grade prints that are objectively better than these.

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