Stef-dPhylactere (2015)

I’m not 100% sure this works as a whole but the various parts are exquisite–the frame, pose, palate and background softened to the point of near delirious illegibility (it reminds me of David Carson’s packaging for // | /’s The Fragile pushed even closer to the brink of disintergration) are all goddamn effing stunning.

I say not 100% because the soft focus is not as consistent as I would prefer. For example: look at Phylactere’s left knee–the fuzziness dominating the rest of the frame seeps too far into the foreground–accentuating the digital post-processing and diminish the dream like colour-fete.

Also, compare the subtly of the separation between Phylactere’s back and hands compared to the rather obvious halo around her head.

Ultimately this is too good to merely serve as an effective proof of concept but not strong enough to stand up to scrutiny on its own.

Either way it’s an ingenious approach to shooting in a dull, over-obviously appointed as such studio space.

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