Renee Kingself portrait (2015)

This photograph takes my breath away.

There’s room for improvement: the background–a patio/porch, a sliding glass door and a door leading into a laundry room–is ho-hum; the basket is an interesting touch and the depth of field does a good bit to focus attention on the subject; conversely, the three items intruding into the frame on the lower left are ultimately distracting.

But look at the way her hands are perfectly aligned with the bottom of the frame! And the tautly sinuous effortlessness of it. (Perhaps half a demerit for the oddness of not being able to see her right foot–a slight shift so that it would be seen protruding behind her right thigh would’ve accent the dynamics of her pose.)

Anyway you slice it, Renee King is splendidly talented photographer. I hope you’re all following her.

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