Diana Reinoso – Untitled (2015)

So-called ‘lifestyle photography’ can be a huge drag. It tends to be folks performing cool in ironically coded ways that only their fellow hipsters shits are going to ‘get’.

Reinoso doesn’t seem to give a single fuck about ‘cool’. Instead, her work seems precociously fixated on the virtue of a panoply of experiences.Another way of putting it: sex, drugs and rock and roll are less the entry fee and more the perfectly curated opening act that whets appetites for the headlining band.

Consider the juxtaposition between this more formal photograph (which could be a reference to Clare Laude) and this more grungy strobe variation.

And this one where a pants-less, high-as-fuck guy pisses on a couch.

Or this one. No description. You just need to click on it. (Also, full disclosure: have done, would do again.)

I just can’t shake the feeling that much of the work features people who sexually aroused and are either about to fuck or are thinking about fucking.

I’m not saying it’s all great. But insofar as all of it is interesting, it’s at least good and there are glimpses of simple, candid greatness both in the more erotic work as well as in the quieter, more candid portraiture.

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