Mario Zanaria –  [←] Frances (2015); [→] Lynsey (2015)

I’m not really on board with the way Zanaria contextualizes his work but that’s not to say I dislike it.

Quite the opposite, in fact–for as many people who toss around the notion of ‘fine art nudes’ as a genre within lens-based media practice, I actually quite like his work.

I can’t help but thinking of the above images as an implied critique of Duane Michals’ Naked Nude.

In addition to that critique there’s an impressive synergy of structure, form, content and style. I love the novel poses–Frances’ dynamic confidence, Lynsey’s seeming reservations coming so close to passing as casual nonchalance.

There’s a sense of interplay with the photography that shines through but also a sense of personal agency in engaging in considerations of the politics of visual representation and identity.

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