Sophie Harris-TaylorFrances (2016)

Like most of the rest of Tumblr, I just finished Stranger Things. (I have mixed feelings about it; I never really felt that it ever came together in any kind of totality. The mid-to-late 80s nostalgia comes across as heavy-handed and seems more designed to fuel a sort of instant-geek connection to the show than to actually provide any sort of substantive immersive world building. It’s saved by unusually committed acting and surprisingly dexterous attention to consistent application of visual form and spatial continuity.

When I saw the above image, the mussed dark hair and the shape of the model’s face reminded me rather strongly of Natalia Dyer’s character Nancy.

Like the show, I have mixed feelings about this image. The color is nice–a very rigidly circumscribed magenta spectrum from skin tone highlight to the ribbed peach top to the pink-red lipstick.

However, the pose is odd. Does anyone else wonder what in the hell is going on with her right arm? And the pose–the tentatively uncertain hovering of her hands near her neckline–almost like she’s fingering a beloved pendant. But it’s designed for her to stylistically pull the top up to reveal her breasts. Why? For whom? Things are a bit a-muddle with this as far as questions of voyeurism.

It reminds me of this image of Génia by PeterVR. Both feature awkward/odd, self-conscious poses. Harris-Taylor’s is technically superior. But I feel like PeterVR actually provides enough context where the self-consciousness actually dovetails nicely with a more consistent application of the conceptual underpinnings of the image–i.e. his image takes a definitive stand on whether or not the work is voyeuristic.

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