Mike LarremoreTitle Unknown (2013)

I’m not 100% convinced the attribution on this is correct. I can’t find this on any of Larremore’s portfolio pages. Also, his images tend to have more depth, range and contrast.

If he did make this image, then I like it a good bit more than the rest of his work.

I mean as an image it’s hardly perfect. Overhead lights are the scourge of color photography. And it’s even worse when it’s on overhead light in a bathroom–where there often aren’t any sources of natural light (i.e. a window) and the walls are typically bright white.

Still, I think the idea behind this image–a candid portrait of a woman showering is actually solid. I’d have liked better skin tone, and if the shower curtain could’ve had a tinge of color that would’ve helped contribute some sort of tension to the image.

The soft focus flattens everything too much and that clashes harshly with the shower curtain in the left foreground and the shower curtain rail imposing a sense of depth in the upper fifth of the frame.

And with the gorgeous trails of water, drawing attention to them would’ve added to the enchantment.

But it’s really the expression that sells this while at the same time making me wish that the rest of the image was equally as stellar. Bottom line this is a potentially exquisite shot that was fumbled and botched in terms of execution.

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