Source unknown – Title Unknown (201X)

Upon first seeing this I felt a mix of critical animus and–strangely: interest.

I’ve been consuming pornography fairly consistently since I was fourteen or fifteen–but I’ve always been put off by the ubiquity of the money shot facial.

I think I was nineteen when I found out about creampies. Like if there’s a video feature a creampie produced in the late 90s, I’ve probably masturbated to it.

Although it did alleviate my issue with facials, it was a little like that one horse sized duck vs 100 horses the size of a duck conundrum: one big thing you don’t want vs hundreds of small manageable things that you nevertheless don’t want either.

For example: while I think that a creampie video was the first place where I first witnessed a woman orgasm from sex (I can’t find the video now but it was one of Cytherea first appearances), even despite the absence of a facial finish–there is still a myopic focus on male sexual pleasure.

And although the way this is presented appeals to me–for reasons I’m getting to–there’s still a lot I can tell you about the scene this emerges from just by seeing these excerpts.

I have no idea where this is from originally–Google’s image search gets worse by the day and TinEye just proves what I already suspected: that this gif has been desaturated from the original presentation. However, given the relentlessly depilated genitals on both performers, it’s probably safe to say this features in a a heteronormative mainstream porn clip.

Yet, the way it has been decontextualized from its source material is at least interesting. In the first frame, the viewer can see a vulva penetrated by a phallus; the only motion is the puling contractions of the cock.

The second clip validates the impression suggested by the first–the cock slips out, spurting a jet of semen.

In the third sequence: there’s not only much more jizz, a mix of secretions also sluices from between the labia.

I’ve seen enough creampie clips to suspect that while the stud has clearly gotten off, that the director is most likely off camera cuing the actress to squeeze the semen out. (The implication being that once again everything about the exchange hinges on male pleasure.)

Still, this presentation–if you only consider what is presented in this gifset–makes it look like the boy experiences the paroxysms of orgasm and the edit for this presents her contractions to expel semen as mirror spasms; she gets off as a result of his getting off.

I don’t buy into that cishet wishful thinking paradigm.  But what I adore about the way this is presented has to do with the way it reminds me of one of those middle school science projects on photosythensis where the human breathes out carbon dioxide and the plant breathes in the C02 and in turn gives off oxygen that is then consumed by the human.

It’s suggestive of a more symbiotic interaction. Also, conceptually: the form suggests an intrinsic cycling–but in so far as the viewer interacts with this sequence there is a sense of being included in the proceedings in a way that most porn can’t be arsed with.

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