MormongirlzAn Orgasm for Each Sister Wife (2016)

Karley Sciortino (the editor of Slutever) did a report for Vice back in early 2017 juxtaposing Utah’s efforts to ban pornography as a public health menace with the lapsed LDS woman who started Mormongirlz.

At it’s best, Vice is indispensable. However, it’s only at it’s best maybe 15% of the time. The only thing that really stood out about it to me was the attention to authentic detail during Mormongirlz production. There appeared to be a real effort exerted to make something that was both recognizably fluent in Mormon culture and code but that uses this knowledge to subvert sex-negative stigmas.

That should’ve motivated me to check them out sooner but I haven’t. Then I saw this slide by on my feed.

Full disclosure: I‘m not completely on board with everything presented here. As someone who is a survivor of both sexual assault and intimate partner violence, the absence of continual, verbally affirmative consent is a baseline requirement for me.

That being said: as a switch who is a little bit more bottom leaning, I’ve had fantastic sex as a result of having a partner take what they want from me without asking first. (I really, really have been feeling a strong need of late to have a lesbian push me up against a wall, grab my tits hard enough to leave bruises, shove her tongue down my throat and then hold me against the wall by my neck while she uses her free hand to get me off multiple times.)

Yet, with porn, I do think there is a responsibility to convey the importance of asking for a receiving consent at all times. The way this starts makes me very uncomfortable. I’m sure it’s fine that it starts off seeming non-consensual and then the coercion transforms into a willingness to participate. But in the absence of any signifiers of respecting consent, it just follows that a little coercion is fine as long as it becomes consenting at some point.

I’m not cool with that.

Still, this gets the fashions of not just Mormonism but also fits with my understanding of Xtian fundamentalists. The confluence of repressive religious symbology with experimental sexual exploration is something that I can’t tell you whether it’s hot because it’s transgressive or if it’s transgressive because it’s something I find so damn hot.

The other thing I like about it is that although it’s definitely produced to cater to the male gaze, there are wonderful moments that aren’t male gaze-y (the glee with which the woman with the red hair is told to turn over and the way she gleefully complies, the scene later in the scene where the woman with the black hair is kneeling on the floor and we see her making eye contact with the redhead whom she’s going down on and the way there’s a focus on stopping to kiss before switching who gives and who receives–personally, one of my favorite things about sex is kissing after all the parties have come and the way you can taste a mix of your own fluids and your partners fluids on lips and tongues is one of my favorite human experiences; and I don’t really like the way I taste that much but I’ll not waste a single drop when I’m with someone else.)

I don’t think it’s artful or even especially high quality as far as production facets go but I’ve gotten myself off to this video 7 times in the last 36 hours and that is likely going to become 8 as soon as I save this draft to my queue.

Source unknown* – Title unknown (????)

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about mutual masturbation.

Those thoughts are amorphous but I’m going to try to fit them to words:

I guess what I don’t understand–literally ever–is where the heteropatriarchy draws the line on what is and isn’t sex. I mean penis in vagina (henceforth PiV) sex is sex. Anal sex is sex.

Bill Clinton famously tried to suggest that oral sex wasn’t sex and I think folks general consider oral sex as sex these days.

What about mutual masturbation? And before someone claps back about it depends on whether you touch someone else’s genitals–is the above image a depiction of a sex act?

And why the hell do we categorize masturbation as not also sex because of the absence of a partner? What’s the problem with it all being sex?

As I’ve mentioned about a bazillion times: I grew up in a Xtian doomsday cult. I was taught that masturbation was a mortal sin. Even when the topic crept into conversations in my junior and senior year of high school–the response was I don’t do that and think anyone who does is a disgusting pervert.

Conversely–now that I’ve escaped that orbit–most of the folks I know have these wonderful stories about climbing into bed and pulling the covers up to their chins and then racing to orgasm or you be the boy and I’ll be the girl and you perform oral sex on me and then we’ll shift roles.

As far as masturbation goes it’s the type of sex I am the most comfortable with because it’s the most familiar.

I completely missed out on the experience of exploring my sexuality with those I essentially trust.

I think less these days about finding a partner and more about how to get a group of friend together solely for the purpose of a mutual masturbation party.

It would be something I think would be enjoyable and personally it would come closer to scratching the itch I have to have a reliable sexual partner–which just isn’t possible for me right now.

Le sigh.


[↑] Source unknown – Title unknown (201X); [↖] ZishyArya and Bailey Room Mates (2016); [↗] X-ArtRaw Passion (2016); [+] Source unknown – Title unknown (201X); [←] Source unknown – Title unknown (201X); [→] Source unknown –  Title unknown (201X); [-] Source unknown – Title unknown (2015); [↙] Source unknown – Title unknown (201X); [↘] Source unknown – Title unknown (201X); [↓] Nubile FilmsTitle unknown (201X)

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Source unknown – Title Unknown (201X)

Upon first seeing this I felt a mix of critical animus and–strangely: interest.

I’ve been consuming pornography fairly consistently since I was fourteen or fifteen–but I’ve always been put off by the ubiquity of the money shot facial.

I think I was nineteen when I found out about creampies. Like if there’s a video feature a creampie produced in the late 90s, I’ve probably masturbated to it.

Although it did alleviate my issue with facials, it was a little like that one horse sized duck vs 100 horses the size of a duck conundrum: one big thing you don’t want vs hundreds of small manageable things that you nevertheless don’t want either.

For example: while I think that a creampie video was the first place where I first witnessed a woman orgasm from sex (I can’t find the video now but it was one of Cytherea first appearances), even despite the absence of a facial finish–there is still a myopic focus on male sexual pleasure.

And although the way this is presented appeals to me–for reasons I’m getting to–there’s still a lot I can tell you about the scene this emerges from just by seeing these excerpts.

I have no idea where this is from originally–Google’s image search gets worse by the day and TinEye just proves what I already suspected: that this gif has been desaturated from the original presentation. However, given the relentlessly depilated genitals on both performers, it’s probably safe to say this features in a a heteronormative mainstream porn clip.

Yet, the way it has been decontextualized from its source material is at least interesting. In the first frame, the viewer can see a vulva penetrated by a phallus; the only motion is the puling contractions of the cock.

The second clip validates the impression suggested by the first–the cock slips out, spurting a jet of semen.

In the third sequence: there’s not only much more jizz, a mix of secretions also sluices from between the labia.

I’ve seen enough creampie clips to suspect that while the stud has clearly gotten off, that the director is most likely off camera cuing the actress to squeeze the semen out. (The implication being that once again everything about the exchange hinges on male pleasure.)

Still, this presentation–if you only consider what is presented in this gifset–makes it look like the boy experiences the paroxysms of orgasm and the edit for this presents her contractions to expel semen as mirror spasms; she gets off as a result of his getting off.

I don’t buy into that cishet wishful thinking paradigm.  But what I adore about the way this is presented has to do with the way it reminds me of one of those middle school science projects on photosythensis where the human breathes out carbon dioxide and the plant breathes in the C02 and in turn gives off oxygen that is then consumed by the human.

It’s suggestive of a more symbiotic interaction. Also, conceptually: the form suggests an intrinsic cycling–but in so far as the viewer interacts with this sequence there is a sense of being included in the proceedings in a way that most porn can’t be arsed with.

Source unknown – Title unknown (200X)

It was the perfect picture of utter spirituality
and utter degradation. I was fascinated and could not turn away my eyes.
By watching them I in effect permitted their mating to take place and
so committed myself to accepting the consequences—all because I wanted
to see what would happen. I wanted in on a secret.

–Annie Dillard, The Force That Drives the Flower

Apollonia SaintclarL’archipel du plaisir [Liquid joy II] (2016)

During my undergrad stint, I flirted with layout and design..

There was something heady about pre-CS Photoshop image manipulation that appealed to me. I could take existing pictures and turn them into reasonably compelling posters for campus events.

I called what I did graphic design. And for the most part, I never said it loud enough or in the company of anyone who was a legit graphic designer until after I graduated.

But as I came into contact with folks who paid their bills doing design related stuff. I quickly learned that being able to layout out a flyer was only a fraction of what graphic design entailed.

Pros were always obsessed with the pedigree of typefaces, serifs vs sans serifs, integration of content and form.

Generally, I found such people intolerable. The work they made was thoroughly accomplished in a utilitarian sense but lacked passion and flair. (It would take me a full five years to realize that although I wasn’t really interested in graphic design, I am very interested in the underlying notions of UX/UI in regards to design.)

Anyway, I mention all that because two terms that design folks toss around a lot are ‘minimal’ and ‘clean lines’. And those are two terms I would use to describe Saintclar’s work.

As far as terminology goes: ‘minimal’ with ‘clean lines’ might as well be pointless in their ubiquity. However, given a visual context, they can be useful when it comes to orientation.

For example: Saintclar’s work always reminds me of Dürer. But it’s an association in negative–by that I mean, although Dürer’s work is maximal, he uses space and line in a very similar fashion to Saintclar.

Yet, what I also appreciate about Saintclar is that the artist uses lines in a surprisingly varied manner. They can imply shape, give form to negative space or–as above–emphasize dimenstionality.

What’s more: the framing is actually ingenious. A lesser artist would’ve inched the frame back enough to include the full swath of the messy on the floor. By allowing that to trail out of frame, the viewer is given a sense of continuity of space beyond the frame edge. Combined with the fact that the perspective is render in such a way so that vanishing point of the image is hidden behind the woman’s hand, it presents an image that is both erotically charged and artfully composed. (This is definitely not some #skinnyframebullshit due to its internally consistent use of composition and the fact that it is mindful of the fact that the viewer’s eye is meant to wander up and down instead of side to side.)



Source unknown – Title unknown (201X)

After my first encounters with porn, I rapidly developed a abusive relationship with it. Namely, my curiosity regarding it always seemed to outweigh the loathing and alienation it triggered.

There was a local video rental chain with a location within walking distance of my house. After some cautious prodding, I realized that several of the staff members didn’t give fuck one when it came to determining whether or not I was old enough to rent items from their enormous back room.

Thus by the time I was sixteen I was renting two or three XXX videos a month.

Amazingly, I found some stuff that if I didn’t necessarily like, it certainly interested me. In particular, a gonzo series called New Faces, Hot Bodies–made by, if memory serves a Cleveland based kink smut purveyor named Bob Bright–never failed to pique my interest.

As I remember it was the diversity of the scenes that fascinated me. In any one tape, there would be a range of scenes from vanilla to hardcore and bizarre kink fetish.

I believe a testament to how different they were is that I can still vividly remember a number of scenes from the series. One was my first introduction to bukkake–in the scene five to eight studs ejaculated at least 3 times a piece over a young woman while two other women used spoons to collect the semen off her body so as to feed it to her.

In another scene in the first video I from the series I ever viewed, there was a parenthetical return to the first scene. The lead in said something like fifteen minutes after we last saw them and then the couple went for round two.

I found the second scene unbelievably hot. It didn’t matter that it had likely been filmed on two separate days. The imposed continuity and the notion that the scene didn’t end just because the guy blew his load really turned me on.

It was another five or so years before I saw anything similar. It was one of those videos that makes you feel a little uncomfortable watching. Low production values, with most of the shooting budget going to acquire a superficially opulent location and then the performers being paid in drugs.

The performers were clearly coked out of their brains. The guy was fucking like a spastic jack hammer. He pulls out, ejaculates so forcefully the first two spurts shoot over the woman’s head and end up on the carpet. He immediately starts rubbing his glans around the woman’s clitoris, while a small puddle of come leaks out of his cock and then he promptly reinserts and continues as if he’s just getting going.

All this is by way of saying I like deviations from the straight cisgendered heteronormative porn script. For example, in the image above it’s clear that guy has already ejaculated forcefully on the woman–who the captions say is Samantha Saint but I remain unconvinced of that attribution; yet, the scene clearly continues while he ensures that she gets off.

Yes, the notion that sex has to result in orgasm for both parties is also fundamentally heteronormative but it’s one of those things that although micro-ly problematic, still–for me at least–represents a decided improvement on the status quo.

I Feel MyselfThe Procedure featuring Strawberry (2011)

I have no idea where this is from and that’s sad because there is so, so much to love about it.

The initial overhead shot establishes a sort of dreamlike space. We’re watching a surgery being performed. Not how there’s a ‘nurse’ stroking the patients hair and that same stroke shifts with the cut in the second frame to a sort of fever dream where instead of a surgical procedure there’s a scene where the patient is being sexual stimulated. It’s disquieting; but the oneiric feel is carried over by the comforting hand shifting to more carnal caresses and the scene plays out like a twisted mix between a fever dream and anesthetic hallucination.

It strikes me that the feeling this imparts is what Inside Flesh is asymptotally approaching–never quite arriving because they get so caught up in the aesthetic element of their nightmarish perversions. This certain lacks the expansive production design but it embraces it’s lo-fi limitations and pulls together something that is compelling and uncomfortably arousing.