I Feel MyselfThe Procedure featuring Strawberry (2011)

I have no idea where this is from and that’s sad because there is so, so much to love about it.

The initial overhead shot establishes a sort of dreamlike space. We’re watching a surgery being performed. Not how there’s a ‘nurse’ stroking the patients hair and that same stroke shifts with the cut in the second frame to a sort of fever dream where instead of a surgical procedure there’s a scene where the patient is being sexual stimulated. It’s disquieting; but the oneiric feel is carried over by the comforting hand shifting to more carnal caresses and the scene plays out like a twisted mix between a fever dream and anesthetic hallucination.

It strikes me that the feeling this imparts is what Inside Flesh is asymptotally approaching–never quite arriving because they get so caught up in the aesthetic element of their nightmarish perversions. This certain lacks the expansive production design but it embraces it’s lo-fi limitations and pulls together something that is compelling and uncomfortably arousing.

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