What appeals to me about this image is more a perfect storm of mitigating circumstances than any artfulness. But I will get to that.

First, there are six dicks shown, eleven men implied: three standing behind the couch serving as a backdrop more than anything else, three on the couch starting with intensely focused masturbating boy (who is the focal point) along with the fellow turned to his left where he is presumably echoing the gesture behind him by grabbing the nipple of someone sitting to his left, outside the frame. In the foreground, three men lay prone; the one with his head in frame strokes two hard ons of the other two. All the way to the left of the frame, a man is sitting on the arm of the couch presumably fellated by the dude to whom the knees jutting into the lower left corner of the frame belong.

I don’t understand why this was framed vertically when horizontal frame would have offered additional contextual information and allowed for a more balanced, interesting composition.

But that is beside the point: why am I posting this?

Simply, it turns me on. And in my experience sexual attraction is rarely as neat and tidy as ‘straight’, ‘bisexual’ or ‘gay’ designations. Well curated pornography should insist on challenging preconceived notions in a way that upholds and respects consent while still pressings against our precious fucking bullshit boundaries.

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