Slide to UnlockLaundry Day (2014)

[Recalling] the Chinese legend that says that when a boy and a girl are destined for one another they are tied together forever by a red thread.

Viola Di Grado (70% Acrylic 30% Wool)

Slide to Unlock is a tumblr documenting the sex life of a thirty-something married with children couple living in London.

They’ve earned attention due to their submissions to NN and (more recently) their intense sex tape.

Typically, I’m not super fond of the couples’ sex blog thing. The whole She/He thing rarely strives for anything beyond the knee-jerk archetypal. But I’ve found myself warm to the way this couple presents the sex they have as a multifaceted part of a highly connected, communicative relationship. When I view their images, I can’t shake the feeling that if I could zoom in to the sub atomic level, that I’d see the red thread tying him to her.

That alone makes it stand head and shoulders above any other couples blog (or 95% of porn, for that matter).

Also, there’s the fact that both are all kinds of twitterpated making levels of sexy as fuck. Especially her, who I–I have to confess–has always for me borne a more than a casual resemblance to the one to whom I am tied with red thread. But in this sequence, it’s like the resemblance is even more pronounced. And I’m reminded of the way we two made love but it also foments memories of what it was like to share the burden of day in/day out exigencies.  How touch figured into everything we did inside the bedroom or out. Her fingers tracing the circle of skin between my t-shirt tail and jeans while I saute vegetables–her kids pretending to do their homework so they could side eye us meaningfully from the kitchen table. We held hands more than we didn’t.Almost every day for two years I woke up with the palm either niched in the small of her back or laying against her stomach, the first segment of my fingers nestled into her pubic fringe. And doing laundry together in that bizarre, huge but always empty Greenpoint laundromat. The coy, surreptitious teasing.If anyone had seen us they would’ve guessed we were in the first days of our relationship and not that nearly 700 day one’s.

I find this sequence to be devastatingly arousing not only because they remind me of her but because they remind me of what it was like with her, there is no room left to doubt their truth.

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