Source unknown – Title unknown (201X)

In general, I dislike close-ups. Yes, the can serve a purpose but sadly we’ve all but lost the work ethic and attention to detail/nuance/context in contemporary image making.

Close-ups in porn tend to be even worse–the reduction of physical intimacy to acontextual intersections of genitalia.

There’s something different about this, however. Yes, it’s #skinnyframebullshit–no, the framing is not logically coextensive with the notion of leaving some things to inference. But, between the way the flush in her cheeks shifts her skin tone toward the shade of her lips, the way her mascara-ed lashes highlight her fixation on the way she is experiencing sans boundary the body of another being is fascinating.

To me there’s a palpable sense of awe in a moment of unrestrained fulfillment of experiential curiosity. This resonates on a primal level with my first experience of sexually exploring a lover–and that’s something that’s super rare for me to encounter in porn; thus, when I do see it, I make a point of celebrating it.

This is lovely and hot as fuck. And if it fails as art, there is something intrinsic to it that has the potential to become the subject of artistic expression.

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