Ján Krížik – 

Agresívne prsty IV, II, I, III [from top to bottom] (1987)

The intended order of these images is constructed around how far the window is rolled up.

Those of you who’ve grown up entirely in the age of power windows are probably less familiar with those old manual monstrosities that one had to roll up by hand. You’ve also probably not fought with bitter siblings trying to lock you out of said vehicle by rapidly rolling up the window. If you put just enough weight on the window, the clutch or whatever it is that raises the window will slip and the window inches further open–this can be all you need to force your way into the vehicle.

Honestly, I prefer this ordering of the photos. Ignoring how far the window is rolled up, note how in this presentation the framing tracks from right to left across the four frames. It renders a set of images that would otherwise be inextricably entangled with a Repulsion-era Polanski-esque psychosexual paranoia into something more ambiguous/nuanced, a sort of meditation on movement, gesture and memory in the stream of space-time.

Top notch curating right here.

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