Jun3rd♥hide…†o/dream(Matthieu Soudet)★

Untitled/Ophelia 2010

Browsing this kid’s work makes me think I’d be better off selling my gear, taking a vow of silence and dedicating whatever remains of my life to asceticism.

A year from now I will still almost certainly be reeling in response to his Different Ways.

Then I find out he shoots with a Canon 5D mark II (GAH, digital!); that Photoshop was never invoked on this image and he remained unaware of any correlation with Hamlet or J. M. Millaispainting of Ophelia until Flickr users inquired whether or not he intended such striking similarities.

How much is true and how much is personal mythology– I haven’t the foggiest notion, honestly. The answer doesn’t change fuck all, though– talent is talent is talent.

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